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milconaust acoustic solutions specialise in supplying and installing acoustic noise reduction products. 
Commonly required in apartment living, home theatre, restaurants/cafes, office, boardroom and consulting suite environments.
All our products are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

acoustic solutions

Milcon Aust speciaise in installing  quality Acoustic sound control products and have teamed up with manufacturers of leading edge patented acoustic sound reduction products and technical knowledge ensuring the most effective  results.
If soundproofing or blocking noise from entering or existing a room is your need,  you may want to discuss with us our range of soundproofing products such as Barrierboard, Acoustic panels, Acoustic insulation and Acoustic door seals.

Noise pollution is also a health issue in the workplace with industrial noise and traffic noise big contributors. Boardrooms and medical consulting suites also require privacy and noise control solutions due to client confidentiality. 

Our products we install have full compliance with building code of Australia. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

construction & carpentry

Milcon Aust is a family owned Melbourne based Carpentry business. They have specialised in the commercial construction and building industry since 2009 and have steadily grown their client base and Carpenters in that time to a small, but highly efficient, professional and dedicated team of skilled tradesmen.

Milcon Aust  provide supply and/or install carpentry packages for commercial and domestic projects, ranging from framing to complex architectural builds. We also offer labor hire (subject to approval). 
Our team of skilled tradesmen are fully equipped with tools, licence, white card and working with children checks. 

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milconaust is a Melbourne based family owned business that has been involved in contracting commercial carpentry in the building and  construction industry since 2009


milconaust acoustic solutions specialises in  Acoustic noise reduction. Supplying and installing Acoustic products suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial environments