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Barn Conversion / Man Cave: Barrierboard panels, Acoustic curtains 

Existing old gym in Barn before Soundproofed Man Cave conversion
Existing gym in Old barn before man cave conversion
Barn conversion to Man Cave soundproofed ceiling and walls using Barrierboard A32 panels
Soundproofed walls and ceiling with Barrierboard A32 reducing noise 14dB  in Man Cave
Acoustic curtains adds sound protection in Man Cave
Acoustic curtains absorb noise in the Man Cave
Barn conversion to Soundproofed Man Cave with bar and pool table
Barn conversion to soundproofed Man Cave using Barrierboard A32 on ceilings and wall reducing noise by minimum 14dB
Soundproofed Man Cave with Barrierboard A32 complete with dance floor, DJ platform and bar
Soundproofed bar using Barrierboard A32
Acoustic curtains absorb noise in man cave
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