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Melbourne's noise reduction specialists -

we solve noise problems & control sound

milconaust acousticsolutions

Welcome to Milcon Aust: Your Partner in Acoustic Excellence

Unlock the Power of Sound Control with Milcon Aust - Your Premium Specialists for Acoustic Panels, Installations and Soundproofing Solutions.

Our Commitment to Acoustic Excellence

At Milcon Aust, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge acoustic solutions that transform noisy environments into serene spaces. With a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in acoustic panels, installations and soundproofing systems that redefine the way you experience sound.


Our Range of Acoustic Innovations

Discover a comprehensive range of acoustic products designed to address all your sound control needs:

  • Acoustic Panels: Our acoustic panels are precision-engineered to deliver superior sound absorption and control. From acoustic wall panels to ceiling solutions, we offer an array of options to harmonise your space.

  • Acoustic Barriers: For noise isolation and soundproofing, our Acoustic Barrierboard is second to none. This specialized CSIRO tested product, designed by an Acoustics Engineer effectively shields against unwanted sound intrusion.

  • Acoustic Absorbers: Improve the acoustic quality of your space with our range of acoustic absorbers. Whether you're creating a home theatre, music studio, cafe or restaurant fit-out, office and reception foyers, our solutions reduce echoes and reverberation to perfection.

  • Acoustic Doors: When silence and privacy is essential, our acoustic doors and seals provide the ultimate soundproofing solution. Ideal for boardrooms, consulting suites or any space where noise control is paramount.

Applications of Our Products

Milcon Australia's acoustic solutions are tailored for diverse applications:

Residential Bliss: Say farewell to noisy neighbours, traffic, and construction disturbances. Elevate your home's tranquility with our acoustic panels and soundproofing products.

Commercial Excellence: Enhance productivity and focus in your workplace by mitigating noise disruptions. Our acoustic solutions are ideal for boardrooms, offices, and industrial / factory settings.

Studio Brilliance: Elevate sound quality in your music studio or home theatre. Our acoustic innovations ensure an acoustic experience that's second to none.

Cafe / Restaurants: Reverberation is common in such settings usually with hard surfaces all around, making  dining unpleasant for not  only diners but staff also. 

Consult with Acoustic Specialists

Our Melbourne-based acoustic consultants are here to assist you. Whether you're seeking soundproofing solutions, architectural acoustics expertise, or a tailored acoustic plan, our specialists collaborate closely with you to achieve your goals.

Experience the Sound of Silence.

At Milcon Aust, we believe in the power of acoustic perfection. Bid farewell to disruptive noise pollution, echoes, and reverberations. Say hello to a world of sound control possibilities. Contact us today to explore our extensive range of products and services, and let's embark on a journey to redefine your acoustic environment.

Elevate your world with Milcon Aust – your trusted partner in acoustic excellence.

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