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Is noise keeping you awake?
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AP30 Acoustic Panels are a 30mm lightweight Acoustic panel made from 100% polyester vertical fibres with more than 70% recycled content.

They can be ordered and cut into any shape up to 2400 x 1200mm and can even be shrouded in whatever print finish you desire. Whether that be a landscape, abstract, Picasso, business logo or even suspended from the ceiling with a galvanised iron spine creating a wave. They can also be covered with a woven fabric  in a selection of colours. This allows for Acoustic panels that are not only highly effective in reducing reverberation, but can be artistic as well.

The panels are suitable for walls and ceiling applications.

AP12 Acoustic Panels
AP30 Acoustic Panel - Oxide_edited.jpg
12mm Acoustic Panel Quiet Print Panel - 1912 by Pop House Louis Colourways Mist.JPG
Acoustic sound absorber panels suspended from ceiling, creative waves
AP30 Wrapped Natural Duo

AP12  Acoustic Panels are a 12mm lightweight Acoustic panel made from 100% polyester fibres with more than 60% recycled content.

The panels are suitable for wall applications and come in a variety of colours.

DBM Consultants - Blue Painted Planobevel panels in call centre.JPG
Planobevel Acoustic Tiles

Planobevel Acoustic Tiles absorb the distortion of sounds.

An excellent product for restaurants, cafes, offices, call centres, boardrooms, halls, auditoriums and aquatic centres.

They are light in weight, with a stylish bevelled edge.

Available in White, Grey and Black. They can also be custom painted at an extra cost.

Safe to install in all public areas with an Australian standard Group 1 fire rating.

Stratocell Whisper ®

This product is a light polyethylene foam which provides superior noise reduction qualities. Stratocell Whisper® absorbs sound energy, reducing echo and vibration which improves acoustic environments. 
They are  light, easy to cut and install. They can be cut into shapes, bent or covered in fabric, creating imaginative finishes. The panels are moisture resistant, therefore no water protection film needed. It is fibre free with low particle emissions. An independent study confirmed over 2000 hours of UV exposure compared the material to that of non-exposed material. The foam material has achieved a Group 1 compliance of the Australian NCC specification C1.10 to AS ISO 9705-2003 as outlined in the Australian building code.

Stratocell Whisper® is available in Fire Retardant and UV resistant additives.

Stratocell Whisper® is suitable for most indoor and outdoor environments, improving noise reduction, music acoustics and hearing ability, making for a better working working environment.

Whisper panels provide superior noise reduction qualities, suitable for interior and exterior applications
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