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Barrierboard ClassicTM 
Our No. 1 seller

Barrierboard ClassicTM is an Australian made plasterboard composite product which can reduce noise levels up to 80% depending on its application.


Barrierboard ClassicTM can be installed directly onto existing walls or by using furring channels so that acoustic insulation can be added between the primary and secondary walls.


The wall loss would be either 32mm or 60mm if using furring channels. Barrierboard ClassicTM can also be installed directly to ceilings.

This product is suitable for home theatres, townhouses, apartments and general housing. Commercial usages include factory warehouses, offices and plant rooms.

Barrierboard AdvantageTM

Barrierboard AdvantageTM takes our newly developed and exclusive new
Isolation Interlayer  and adheres it to a 10mm plaster substrate. The open face of the Isolation Interlayer has a specially designed Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with an easy peel off protection paper. Simply screw fix the Barrierboard Advantage
TM to your target wall then push the outer layer of 16mm Fire Rated plasterboard onto the Isolation Interlayer, screw fixing (if needed) through the re-bates.



  • Lightweight for commercial use

  • Comes in any standard length plasterboard

Barrierboard Advantage PlusTM

Barrierboard Advantage PlusTM is perfect for use where room space is an issue due to adjoining wardrobes, window architraves, curtain pelmets etc. do not allow the minimum needed (32mm) to apply Barrierboard ClassicTM. Barrierboard Advantage PlusTM has the exclusive Isolation Interlayer adhered to the inside face of the fire rated plasterboard, with the 16mm pressure sensitive peel and stick system ready to adhere directly to the existing plasterboard wall, effectively creating a Barrierboard ClassicTM using the existing wall linings (10mm plasterboard).


  • Slimline use where space is an issue

  • Lighter and more portable than Barrierboard ClassicTM 

  • Can be delivered in any standard shelf size plasterboard needed


Director: Alex Mileto



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Acoustic sound proofing
Acoustic sound proofing
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