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I contacted Alex Mileto of Milcon Australia Pty Ltd and his team constructed an acoustic wall over my existing party- wall.

I have attached a list of the materials that they used to achieve this, and also a few of the photos that I took at the time.


I am super pleased with the new acoustic wall. It is a wonderful success, and I no longer hear any noise via the party- wall.

I subsequently put undercoat, and topcoats on my new wall, rendering the new acoustic work 'invisible'.


I wish you great success in your important work.


Kind regards

Chris H.

A very competitive quote was provided and did not go over budget Arrived on time and worked overtime to complete the job. The finish was of a high standard, according to my expectations.The work was completed on time in a very professional manner. I would have no hesitation to recommend this business to anybody who required professional building and acoustic installations

Dianne H.

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Had Alex and the team install soundproofing Barrierboard A32 with furring channels on a party wall in a terrace house. Communication was great with Alex checking a couple of times during the work. The team were friendly and respectful I was working from home, cleaned everything up afterwards and completed a high quality job on time. What's more, the wall has been soundproofed.


Isaac Newton

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